My Story

I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years and have done everything from Crossfit to Spin to Step to all types of bootcamps, and although they are all great in their own right, I wanted to discover a different way to health & fitness that was unique but effective and above all extremely enjoyable for everyone, all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Profile About Page

I started this journey 5 years ago when I discovered Boogie Bounce, and then Kangoo Jumps in 2015! You can find out all about these amazing programs and how to book into a class right here.

My journey into the fitness industry began 10 years ago when I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I decided to ignore the doctors advice to take antidepressants, and take my health & well being into my own hands. Through good nutrition, exercise and a change in my state of mind I am beginning to control my panic disorder and am leading a much healthier & happier life because of it.

I wanted to create a brand 'Unify Fitness' to help & inspire anyone going through difficult health or lifestyle issues or to anyone looking to bring some fun into their fitness routine. I want to help bring the fun factor back into fitness and health, to make it something people plan their day around, to get them motivated, to get them laughing again, to get them loving themselves and their bodies inside and out again. Unify Fitness is about looking at fitness & health in a new light.

Not something we dread or feel bad about but something we can't wait to get involved in. It is about bringing that inner child back to life and making happiness your number 1 goal. My aim is to introduce my clients to a new age of fitness and get them excited about becoming the best versions of themselves. All while having a big smile on their face 🙂

Unify Fitness 'Keeping it Funky & Fresh'